Principal’s Message

Change is the only constant and everything else is in constant change. It is therefore not a question of implementing or making change, it is rather a question of allowing it to move naturally and freely. It is a well known fact that computers and other digital equipment has tremendously changed and influenced our lives. Never in the world history has one invention had such an influence on humanity as a whole. Without the computer age, there would be no global awareness. They are the heartbeats of the modern world.

Internet, in particular, has created a brand new environment. A new culture has been born – free, rapid, and universal – where people share their knowledge and expertise. Information and communication techniques have been turned upside down, distance has been eliminated, frontiers abolished. A tremendous interactive potential is burgeoning on our planet Earth today. Like it or lump it – none can stop it!

State Institute of Education, Kashmir’s official website (http://siekashmir.in), Android App., Face-Book Page & Whatsapp group affirm that it has never shied away from new technology.

With the computer age upon us, we are also moving slowly but surely away from the traditional paper system of filing applications to the new electronic filing system – a rapid and cheap transmission system of text and image data.

We must use its possibilities to a maximum ... and through it, try quite simply to build a better world.

State Institute of Education, Kashmir plays a pivotal role in the Development of Education and it continues its share to the cause of Education in earnest. It is obligatory on the part of State Institute of Education, Kashmir to accept the challenges for the overall development of Education. This institution strives hard to update the concepts of teaching strategies, equip teachers with the latest method and techniques of teaching.

        I look forward to put our integrated efforts and receive the cooperation from teachers, parents, students and other stakeholders to achieve academic excellence and better teaching-learning experience.

Best wishes!        

                                                                             (Mehboob  Hussain)

Principal/Joint Director Trainings

State Institute of Education, Kashmir